Thursday, 30 October 2008

WOO HOO for me....

OH yes !! I have *****FINISHED***** my christmas cards....phew !! pressure off.
I have made 100 cards this year.....I feel better for having done them in batches of 10
I felt it was not such a task.....
I chose a design made it, if I liked it then I made another 9 easy peasy lemon squeezy.....

I made 3 different ones for my bestest stamping buddies, so I cant show those, I also made a little giftie for each of them which is really really cute. I will show those closer to christmas.....did you know its only 56 sleeps till santa ?????????

We havent done much stamping or making cards together this year as each of us for one reason or another had other things going on in our lives so hopefully next year we will be able to get together more and do what we love best...


Bye for now
Janette x

Another few cards for halloween.

A few more cards made.....its a shame we dont make more of halloween in this country as I would have liked to have made a few more so that I could say I used ALL my halloween stamps but I did use ALL the sets I have LOL......
Bye for now
Janette x

More Halloweenie cards

Hi All,
Tese are some of the halloween cards I promised from the last post but I have been sorting out my PC....removing old one and sorting the laptop for the desk...took longer than I thought LOL....
I had fun making these this year and was determined to make them using my stock that I have know how it is !!
Bye for now
Janette x

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


These are 2 cards that I made for a halloween swap on a group I belong to.
I have some more to upload tomorrow, I made 14 this year and used a selection of all the halloween
stamps and accessories that I have.
I was determined to make use of my halloween stash as I am fed up of having all this stuff and just not using it for one reason or another....
Janette x

Monday, 13 October 2008

Another Autumn card

This is the other card made for the swap......
These colours are not my faves, but I actually quite enjoyed the making of them.
Its good to step outside your comfort zone every now and then isnt it ??????
Bye for now

Friend card

This card was made for an Autumn Colours swap on a Yahoo group that I belong to.
Its very vanilla, choc chip and more mustard.
The DP I think was called Apple Cider.
I still need to do some organising of my files on the laptop as its arranged differently to my PC.....took me a while to find where this card was LOL !!
Bye for now
Janette x


Hi Everyone,

I know I have been missing for a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG while......

I had probs with PC, couldnt get onto blogger and when I could I couldnt post, then I was poorly for a few weeks.
Thought the PC was sorted loaded lots of cards to show, was going to start a new blog, then the PC wouldnt open up ANYTHING......managed to transfer lots onto flash stick pics and documents etc etc....

Got a new laptop now, so have been busy sorting that out and trasferring all the info...luckily I think I have everything but what a slow process as I could only have the old PC on for about 5-10 mins before it started making noises and lots of pop-ups etc evidence of any bugs that we could detect with the programmes we ran......

Anyhow, back in PC land :)
Will post a card once I can find it on this laptop, its vista premium which is a little different to windows 98 and XP

Hey ho