Sunday, 20 January 2008

Award recieved

I received this award from Tangii from across the POND...LOL

It did make MY day too so thanks...Sending it right back at ya !!

Tangii is my bella sistah on a yahoo group that we belong to, for 3 months yes THREE months we get to spoil our *sistahs* with email, chats, cards and gifts and its great...thanks Tangii for everything I have received so far :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope to be back to cardmaking soon as this hand behaves itself LOL

Janette x

Sunday, 13 January 2008

More stuff

The border strip of papers were £2 and again another set of designer papers
with matching brads.
I boght some other things too but cannot show them as they are for a birthday for my friend and she reads this blog, also I bought some things for my Bella sistah and she reads this blog too so sorry Tangii I cannot share those for now.....LOL
Janette x

More brads

These brads were 99p each pack click on pic for better view.
I got the doggie ones for when I do Leo's scrapbook :)
Janette x

Crafty spend at The Range :)

These are 2 of the new ranges I found the pack of papers and the matching brads for £3 each.
Janette x

Hand now a week later

This was taken on friday. I have to keep a photo log for the unions as I have 3 years in which to make a claim...
I can use my first and little finger now, but the middle 2 still wont do as they are told !!

Still I have learnt some neat tricks on how to accomplish things with only 1 hand.. :)

Hope to be back to card making soon...
Until then...
Janette x

No posts :(

Hi All in blogland

Apologies for no posting this last week.....I had an injury in work to my hand...on sunday 6th Jan

I got it trapped between an incubator and the edge of a heavy fire door.

My right hand ( yes I am right handed ) looked like I had done a few rounds with Mike Tyson or should that be Amir Khan !!!

I had a gorgeous platinum diamond ring on the middle finger right hand that I *SO* did not want cut off...LOL...but instead they were able to wind the ring off intact using surgical thread and was an amazingly neat trick that hurt like nothing I've felt for a while...!!

The fingers were NOT broken thankfully the doc said that the platinum ring had prob absorbed a lot of the impact....

So I have had to keep elevated and iced for 48 hours after then just keep elevated and gentle exercise after and 1-2 weeks off work......GREAT I hear you cry but as I am right handed, I didnt realsie there would be so much that I couldnt do.....

Friday, 4 January 2008


A little late I know...BUT... I have beem working...
This is the card I made to say HNY to my family and a few friends too.
I used the Z fold technique to make the card.
Silver and purple CS these are colours I love for the new year and they are in my swatch too !!
The stamp is Cosmobella from check it out there are some really great stamps there.
Click on the picture to enlarge it and you can see the top is sparkly I used a sakura crystal glaze pen to colour in.
The happy new year sentiment was from a clear stamp set from lakeland...loads of stamps and an acrylic block for £6 not bad.
The circles and scallop shape are all SU punches...I love these so much...
Janette x

Thank-you Card

This is the card I made to give to my friends for my lovely christmas presents.
I used SU cardstock in Gray and pretty in pink.
Ribbon is grey taffeta
Cuttlebug flower frame embossing folder
Thanks stamp is from riveting SU set.
I used a pink crystal in the middle.
I got the SU Baroque Motifs stamp set and some lovely choc chip taffeta ribbon.
Thanks girls...
Janette x