Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Pink Birthday Card

This is the card I made for my step-daughter's
I used a 3" scallop punch and scallop frame stamp
in white ink inside it.
Both stamps are from Hero Arts.
I also used my new *love* cuttlebug embossing folder
I used white pink and rose red CS and the ink is rose red too.
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Sunny Tuesday

Wow what a day....gorgeous sunshine all day.
We had our UPVC back door raised by 1".....dont ask.....LOL
so that we can tile the kitchen floor.
I even managed to find some navy blue slate effect tiles
that are perfect so I am one happy girlie tonight so
I thought I would post a card LOL....
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Monday, 30 July 2007

Pick a Petal

This card was made for a friend of mine who is having a tough time at the moment.
Its cool caribbean and chocolate chip cardstock and ink.
The stamp is from SU Pick a petal.
Word stamp is from Hero Arts.
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21st Birthday Card

This is the card I made today for a friends daughter's 21st.

Modelled on a birthday card that I received this year.

First card I EVER made...dont laugh !!

Well I said I would show the first ever card I made......and here it is
The stamp is by Funstamps called Zoe and is the first stamp I ever bought.
I have sold many many stamps over the years that I have been stamping but I cannot bring myself to sell this even though I haven't used it for about 5 years now...LOL
More cards to follow
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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Final picture of ribbon !!!

This is the first drawer and has white,

black,grey,yellow and

orange ribbon in it.

The second drawer on the right has pink,red,purple,blue,brown and green ribbon.

What a lot of ribbon I have......must start using it now

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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Yey oh Yey

Well finally after 6+ days of winding ribbon onto my card bobbins.
I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED.......phew.....one job I dont want to repeat

Now I need to sort my filing cabinet out, then I can make some cards......to upload here

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Well the hedgie has gone to a new home, my friend looks after sick and injured ones but fortunately this one was well fat and healthy.
So he's gone to live in a nice friendly garden with other hedgies :)
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Look what we found..!!

Well today when we woke up the sun was streaming through the window.

We got up and Leo was going mental in the utility room by the washing machine

Guess what he found there.......???????????

Friday, 27 July 2007

Pink ribbon sorted !

This is what the pink ribbon looked like before AND after I sorted it....which do you prefer ??
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Ribbon bobbins

This is what I used to make my ribbon bobbins, I got the card cut into 10.5cms x 8.8cms by the print shop in work. I then used the lever punches shown 1/4", 1/2", and 1" punches to cut the notches out.....
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This is the drawer taken out and 3 of these drawers fit in my filing cabinet drawer perfectly.
I will show the completed drawer when finished.
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WHSmiths drawer unit

Here are the pictures of the box drawers from WHSmiths that I am using to store my ribbon.
They were £2.99 in the sale...
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Ribbon Winding !

Well I still haven't made a card yet, to go on this blog....been too busy winding ribbon.
My friends ( The Addicted Ladies ) and I decided to re-arrange our craft rooms as Sharon
was having 2/3rds of her garage converted into a purpose built room for stamping !!!
I had 6 drawers of assorted ribbon that had been sorted into spotty, stripey, gingham, organza...you get the picture ?...

Got some great box drawers from WHS in the sale £2.99 each set. The drawers fitted into
my filing cabinet drawers perfect !!.

Got the card cut into 10.5cms x 8.8cms very cheaply in the printers at work then I had to set about punching squares out of the card to make a bobbin.......
6 days later and have done black,white,pink,red,purple,brown and green.
Yellow,orange and blue to go......the following pictures will show what I mean.......

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What kind of flower are you ?

Happy Friday !!

I found this link on a friends blog....
I am a DAFFODIL....which is quite funny as I am Welsh !!!

Click the link and see what flower you are....
Have fun

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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Finished desk...I think

Well as promised earlier here is the picture of the finished desk.....I say I think as when I go to Ikea next week I will be buying a towel rail or 2 as they are 5cms deep and then I will be able to get my marvy lever punches on there too.

Next stage in desk organisation

Oops would have helped if I have included the picture eh !!!

Told you I wasn't technical......

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Next pic of my desk

This is the next stage of sorting my desk.
I have a monitor shelf on top....I got an A1 cutting mat to go on my desk (thanks Shaz)
now I just have to work out to get it on there as following pictures will show there
is so much more on my desk that this picture shows LOL.....
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New clock

Oooh I now have a clock...this is exciting....easily pleased me....must google and see what else I can add to my blog.......

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Wet and Windy Thursday

Well, welcome to Thursday in wet and windy Poole Dorset....
I have been searching my PC for some photos that are good enough
and small enough to post here.
I found one of my boys and my doggie......now to find some card ones LOL
Enough chat.....
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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Getting the hang of this

Well I am getting the hang of this....am I ....????....who knows.... LOL

I managed to add a slideshow AND a hit counter....how cool is that.

Now all I need are some hits.......

All for now.....until next time....

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My new desk

Well I figured that I would start with an empty desk and go from there.

I decided to re-arrange my craft room and decided that I needed a new desk and voila !! here it is.

I will add some more pics of my new room as they evolve hee hee

My first blog !!

Wow....I got myself a blog....now what do I do with it.....LOL

I can see me asking my 16 yr old son for help as I am not very technically minded...oh well here goes.....hee hee.

Lets see what havoc I can create in blogland.....