Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Blog candy available

Hi Everyone,
Whilst blog hopping I found a site offering the chance to win some blog candy for either linking their blog to your own as I have just done or by sending in a card.
Click here for more details and a chance of winning some awesome blog candy :)
Good luck to Emma with the new venture.
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Janette x

Another cut up card

This card is another cut up card I figured whilst I was making 1 I may as well make 2 lol !!
The word stamp is hero arts and the girl is a bella !!
I used the word window and corner rounder punch from SU.
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Janette x

Cut up card !!

I saw a card like this on a blog hopping spree......sorry cannot remember where....
I used a square card and tore down the right hand side about 1 1/2" in from that side...
I then decided how much of a gap I wanted and then trimmed that amount off the right hand straight edge.
I attached the two pieces using the word window punch from SU cut out of black CS and used pink brads to attach.
I used a hero arts word stamp delight vertically on the cut off piece.
The shadow oblong stamp and the flower are from the SU Oh so lovely set.
I used the SU corner rounder with the guide off to make the scallop border and then I punched holes in each of the scallops.
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Janette x

Monday, 24 March 2008

The Boys

How cute are these boys ????
Sid ( puppy ) came to stay this weekend...oh what fun we had !!!
Sid took over everything of Leo's, his bed,his toys, his mummy and daddy !!
He was such a good boy, Leo loved him ( I think ).....they ate together and played together and walked together and slept together....
All in all we loved having him to stay and I think he enjoyed himself too.....
He has just gone back home now :(
.....Leo went straight back into his bed to sleep....LOL....
See you again soon Sid....
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Janette x

Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter Treat gift bag

I wanted to make one of these for ages, was going to do them for valentines but made the lollies instead.
My sons girlfriend doesnt eat choc but I wanted to get her something and she likes skittles so I thought I would make the treat baggie filled with skittles.
Hope she likes it.....

Supplies required

Base cardstock in chosen colour, I used whisper white from SU.
Punches:- Marvy scallop oval, SU 1/4" and corner rounder.
Stamps:- Happy easter word and egg
Pumpkin Pie ribbon and inkpad
Skittles or chosen sweet/treat/choc
clear plastic baggie.

Cut the cardstock

Cut your cardstock 8 1/2 cms x 28cms

Score the cardstock

I scored the cardstock at 11cms then 13cms then 24cms.

Stamp all over

I stamped all over using pumpkin pie ink and a happy easter word stamp and an easter egg stamp.
I stamped the inside too as because the bag is clear you can see inside.

Make a scalloped oval cut out

I used the Marvy giga ( purple ) scalloped oval punch.
I punched one out of scrap paper to get the position I wanted by marking on the inside.

Make a scallop border

Make a scallop border using the corner rounder with the guard taken off.

Punch holes on top layer

Punch 2 holes in the top fold over portion. I measured on the back to get them central.

Sorry not a good picture but if you click on the pic you can see it clearer.

Punch holes for the ribbon

Punch 2 holes using the 1/4 circle punch just above the scalloped oval cut out.

I measured on the inside to get them centered as I wanted them.

Fill the bags

Fill the bag with chosen sweets/treats/chocs amd staple the top of the bag to the back of the card.

Easter Treat bags finished

These are the finished treat bags.
One each for Simon and Taryna.
I hope they like them
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Janette x

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Bunny Card

This card uses pretty in Pink and Basic grey CS and inks.
The bunny stamp is from Whippersnapper the others are detailed in the other card.
This bunny cried out to be cut and decoupaged so thats what I did with his face/body and then nose....
Thanks for stopping by...
Janette x

Bunny and Chicks

This Z card uses SU Basic Grey and So Saffron CS and inks.
SU scallop punch and 1 1/4 circle punch
The bunny stamp is from Inky Antics, For You is Hero Arts and the Happy Easter is unknown sorry...
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Janette x

Easter cards for addicted ladies

I made my easter cards today, trying to keep my mind mum is in hospital again in worrying.....anyhow I made 5 each of these...I love the Z cards.....
These are 2 of the new easter stamp I bought last year and never got to use them :(
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Janette x

Easter Carrot gifts

I made these today for my 3 bestest craft buddies.....all of a sudden easter is upon us and we have all had really busy year so far for various reasons ....and time has run away with us all....BUT I bought new easter stamps LAST YEAR that I never got to use so I was determined to use them this year.....then Monday the girls said shall we leave it this year as we were running out of time they said yes I said no LOL......I have loads of craft stuff and it seems a shame to miss out on an opportunity to make easter cards as it is only once a I set too and got them made and it only took me an hour to do all 3 gifts AND are having them regardless.....hee hee
That way I have so far kept up my new years resolution to make cards for every occasion that far I have done New Year...Valentines...and now easter..!!!
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Janette x

Leap Frog

Sid liked to leap frog over leo and then go under his belly too....they really were quite entertaining
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Janette x

Playtime !

Leo and Sid having a whale of a time together.....they had zoomies up and down the room, Sid must have thought Leo had had an interesting breakfast as he kept licking Leo's mouth...
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Janette x

When Sid came to play !!

Sid came for a trial run last Friday for a few hours to play with Leo.....he was SO funny he would NOT go out the dog door especially if we were watching !!
He did go out once and in once when I wasnt looking....LOL.....

He then proceeded to take Leo's toys one by one into his basket, the look on Leo's face was a picture, he kept looking at me as if to say WHY is he doing this ?? Leo then took them all out one by one and put them back in his play box next to his basket.
I think we will have fun when he comes to stay for longer...what do you think ??
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Janette x

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Another Easter Card

This was the other card I made same ingriedients as other card except I snipped the corners and put brads in there.

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Janette x

Easter cards

This is an easter card I made for a swap on a Yahoo group that I belong to.
I used Certainly Celery and So Saffron CS from SU.
The stamps are from A Good Egg stamp set that I borrowed from Sharon ( thanks )
I cuttlebugged the white CS using the bubbles folder.
The ribbon was from a 99p roll from The Range !!
I also used DP from SU for the bottom part of the egg.
I want to try glittering the egg if I could only find my glitter and glue LOL....been trying to sort craft room out, which with my fingers strapped is not so easy :)
Tony did me another desk type thing to bridge a gap so that I could have my big shot out and accessible all the time only trouble is it leaves a gap at the back as we were using wood we already had LOL....too funny now that desk is always tidy as everything falls downt he hole at the back LOL.....back to the drawing board.
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Janette x

Monday, 10 March 2008

Leo *guarding* the beef yesterday !!

This was how I found leo yesterday, I had just cooked the beef joint and Tony had carved it and leo was watching it intently.
We think he was *willing* it to jump off and land in his belly LOL
He is SO funny, if there is meat or fish in the fridge and the door is open he will sit and *guard* it just by staring at it....too funny
Apart from the christmas when he was only 4 months old and he STOLE a whole turky drumstick from the fridge, ran round and round the front room whilst we tried to catch him, then he tried to escape through the dog door you can see behind him and he got stuck but he wasnt letting go of that drumstick for no-one....growling and such like, it was just so funny to see....
He gives us SO much pleasure and is so loveable, loves to give and receive cuddles :)
Thanks for stopping by
Janette x

Leo in his new coat

What do you or what ??
Tony bought Leo a new coat and just as well as he certainly needed it today.
It was raining very heavily....and with this coat on I didnt have much drying off to do when we got home.
It has a reflective strip at the bottom end as you can see so great for when its dark.
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Janette x

Another acetate card

Birthday cards for friends

This card was using an acetate jacket that I got from Newbury last year.I used peel-offs on the perlescant card which is behind the acetate and then again on the front left hand side.Crystals enhance the flowers. I then used fibers on the spine.
On the pearlescant card inside the acetate is some printed vellum from craftwork cards.
Thanks for stopping by
Janette x

Leo on sofa

Just tried to load this picture to see if it would as there were probs yesterday.

Seems to be ok now

Janette x

Thursday, 6 March 2008

I've been tagged !!

Hi Everyone,
Not much blogging as my fingers are now strapped, so typing left handed !!!

I have been tagged by Tangii who for the past 3 months has been my BELLA SISTAH on a yahoo group that we belong too......

Click here to see the answers to Tangii's TAG 4

4 JOBS.......Cashier in a bank, Medical Nurse,Midwife and currently ( past 23 years ) a Neo-Natal nurse.
4 MOVIES.....Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle, Braveheart and fave....Shawshank Redemption
4 PLACES I've been.... Morocco, Barbados, St Lucia,Paris
4 PLACES I've lived...Poole, Wales, London, Germany
4 TV programmes I watch... The Bill, Casualty, Who wants to be a Millionaire ( I DO ), Golden Balls
4 Radio shows......hmmm 2CR fm and Wave 105
4 FAVE FOODS....CHOCOLATE, Chicken,Bacon and Lasagne
4 PLACES I'd rather be.....ANYWHERE hot and sunny, anywhere with family, Anywhere with friends

I tag Jenny and Mikaela

Have a great day everyone.....I am off to physio shortly and then round to Jennys to play stamping and crafting and funning with The Addicted Ladies :)

Thanks for stopping by
Janette x

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Stamping Party

Hi Everyone,

Went to a Stampin Up party last night with the addicted ladies...we went to see an old friend that used to be addicted too....Hi Tracey....she moved away but wanted a party so Jenny drove us up there to do the party.

We had a great time....LOADS and I mean LOADS of cards on display and Jenny showed how to so slider cards and Z cards and tying knots and tricks with punches etc was brilliant :)

Everyone had a great time, spent loads of money and it was great to see an old friend again...we are trying to persuade her to come to Poole to play with us for a day so TRACEY if you are reading this.......please come to see us soon ok

Thanks Jenny for the freebie instructions of the cards and that SO SO cute little box...must make one soon.
We didnt get home until 1am so its an early night for me...I have done ALL my chores today with help from Tony and Simon so I have NOTHING to do tomorrow so I am going to spend the day in my craft room.........

I have finished off making 20 YES thats right TWENTY mother's day cards.
The babies on the unit where I work give them to their mummies...I have been doing this now for over 8 years and do it for mother's day, easter, fathers day and christmas...I must be mad BUT the families really do appreciate them so I will carry on......

Thanks for stopping by...
Janette x