Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Addicted Ladies were re-united for the day !!!

We all got together today, it was great to see Tracey again. We didnt get much cardmaking done, but lots of chatting and laughing and organising ( well that was me really !! )....sorry Jenny, you know what I am like LOL.....!!

Sid the doggie isnt an addicted lady but he had to join in the fun too didnt he !!!


Janette x

Thank-you cards I made for my birthday gifts 2008

These are the cards I made to say thanks for my lovely birthday gifts I received this year.
Thanks Girls...
Janette x

Handmade gift and another card !!

I retrieved the mermaid from my was handmade by my friend Norma, she also made me the stitched postcard....thanks are very clever....I have a link to Norma's blog on the right of my blog so you can see her other creations....
The card is from Christine another Dorset Stamper.
Thanks girls.
Janette x

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Last lot of handmade ones

These are from *The Addicted Ladies*

Mary,Jenny,Sharon and the cow card is from Tracey who used to be an addicted lady and then she moved away BUT she is coming down tomorrow to play with us again....

Cant wait to see you again Tracey, it will be lovely to all be together again :)


Janette x

More birthday cards

These are from Ken,Sue,Jan,Phyllis and Di
Thanks everyone

Another lot from Dorset Stampers

These lovely cards are from Val,Lesley,Christine K and Roseanne.
Thanks girls

More cards from Dorset Stampers

These are cards from Dorset Stampers
Anna,Terri,Joy and Jean.
Thanks Girls for great cards.

Cards received from friends at Card Creations

These cards were received from friends at Card Creations group at Yahoo

From left to right

Melanie,Paula,Pat top row

Maggie,Tina and Snoop, Brenda bottom row.

Thanks girls all lovely and all very different

Bye for now

Janette x

Birthday Cards 2008

Hi Everyone,

Well I was truly spoilt with birthday cards this year.

I received 33 handmade ones and 10 shop bought ones !!

If I had received 3 more then I would have had one for every year

of my age....OOPS there you go simple maths will tell you

that I am 46 !!!
The first 5 are from friends on Cards Are Us group on Yahoo, left to right
Janet,Julie,Ann N then next row is Angie and Anne E thanks girls for lovely cards.

The second 5 cards are from personal friends of mine.

My Bella Sistah Katie sent me......

........all of this....WOW was I spolied or what.....Katie you are naughty.There are 8 sheets of 12 x 12 designer paper....lovey colours.8 Sheets of co-ordinating bazzill CS, 2 packs of cards and envies in white and pink and brown :)
Brown and white brads...I used my last 3 brown brads last night on a card.....
Katie sent me some Montana cowboy 6 bean soup...which my hubby has laid claim to as soon as I read out how to make it up.A large bag of Jolly Ranchers hard candy....I LOVE THESE.......
Katie also sent me a card using pinks and browns. Katie also sent me Bikerbella and the saying biker babe to go with her....awesome...You can click on the picture to see more details.
WOW thanks Katie I love everything you have sent me
It feels like my birthday all over again LOL
Bye for now
Janette x

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sunny Sunday

Hi All,

It was my birthday on Friday 20th June, I was lucky enough to have received some lovely cards.

Several from the Dorset Stampers club I belong to.
Gorgeous ones from the addicted Ladies that I stamp with on a Thursday
More from some internet card groups that I belong to.

I will be uploading them when I take them down on Tuesday.

It was weird not getting a card signed by my mum, but I guess that will always be hard no matter how much time passes eh....
Still life goes on and I guess you pretty much just have to deal with it.....

I have made a few cards this past week which I will show next week too.

Then I hope to get back into the swing of things

Bye for now
Janette x

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Another blog candy giveaway

Hi Everyone,

More blog candy on offer....
Click here to see what is on offer.
Bye for now
Janette x

Monday, 16 June 2008

Blog Candy giveaway

Hi Everyone,

StampingCaz is giving away blog candy.
Please visit here and leave a comment to be in with a chance.

I bought some craft goodies whilst I was away in Wales this weekend also
I got some new goodies from SU ( thanks Jenny )

I hope to be able to create some cards soon.

Bye for now

Monday, 9 June 2008

Time goes by....

Wow, where has the time gone since my last blog entry....answer....I dont know......mind in a whirl.....
The funeral went by as good as they know....great to see all the family but not in those circumstances :(

I have good days and bad days.....infact good mornings then bad afternoons etc......I know things WILL get better but I also know that it will take time and I am not rushing things at all.....

I have great friends that help, and I am trying to get back into things that I enjoyed as I know mum wouldnt have wanted me to give up things that I loved ...she loved receiving my cards...

I have bought myself a new book and I have promised myself that I will try to read some of it each day as I am able.....

I need to sort my room out because things have been dumped there from the last 8 weeks whilst I was going back and fore to it needs a tidy before I can create again.....

On a more positive note I had an email from an old friend that I used to swap with years ago in the stamping community....we both have birthdays this month so we were *twinned* for ages and then carried on....then somehow we lost touch but she emailed me again.....yippee.....she is called NORMA and she has a blog where she creates original and unique pieces of altered art....her name is in my blog list so go on click and see what she has been up to.......

Bye for now