Friday, 27 July 2007

Ribbon Winding !

Well I still haven't made a card yet, to go on this blog....been too busy winding ribbon.
My friends ( The Addicted Ladies ) and I decided to re-arrange our craft rooms as Sharon
was having 2/3rds of her garage converted into a purpose built room for stamping !!!
I had 6 drawers of assorted ribbon that had been sorted into spotty, stripey, gingham, get the picture ?...

Got some great box drawers from WHS in the sale £2.99 each set. The drawers fitted into
my filing cabinet drawers perfect !!.

Got the card cut into 10.5cms x 8.8cms very cheaply in the printers at work then I had to set about punching squares out of the card to make a bobbin.......
6 days later and have done black,white,pink,red,purple,brown and green.
Yellow,orange and blue to go......the following pictures will show what I mean.......

Blog on...

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