Monday, 30 July 2007

First card I EVER made...dont laugh !!

Well I said I would show the first ever card I made......and here it is
The stamp is by Funstamps called Zoe and is the first stamp I ever bought.
I have sold many many stamps over the years that I have been stamping but I cannot bring myself to sell this even though I haven't used it for about 5 years now...LOL
More cards to follow
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Trace said...

Hi Janette,

Great first card! I too bought this stamp in the early years of stamping together with Hamish in his waistcoat!

Good to see some cards on your site now. Keep up the good work and show us lots more of your lovely cards.

Miss ya! Luv Trace x

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Trace, great card Janette. AND not "overdone" I think it's lovely.
Luv Pat xx (CC)