Sunday, 13 January 2008

No posts :(

Hi All in blogland

Apologies for no posting this last week.....I had an injury in work to my hand...on sunday 6th Jan

I got it trapped between an incubator and the edge of a heavy fire door.

My right hand ( yes I am right handed ) looked like I had done a few rounds with Mike Tyson or should that be Amir Khan !!!

I had a gorgeous platinum diamond ring on the middle finger right hand that I *SO* did not want cut off...LOL...but instead they were able to wind the ring off intact using surgical thread and was an amazingly neat trick that hurt like nothing I've felt for a while...!!

The fingers were NOT broken thankfully the doc said that the platinum ring had prob absorbed a lot of the impact....

So I have had to keep elevated and iced for 48 hours after then just keep elevated and gentle exercise after and 1-2 weeks off work......GREAT I hear you cry but as I am right handed, I didnt realsie there would be so much that I couldnt do.....


Alex said...

Oooh Janette, blimey that must have bl**dy hurt!!!!! I thought I had you in my google reader, wondered why you hadn't posted in ages, so flew to Jen's blog and hunted you down!!! lol so here I am catching up on everything you have been doing. Lots hugs and hope it gets better really soon

Melanie said...

Ouch Janette that looks awful. I hope your hand gets better soon, you just do as you are told and rest girl, well your hand :)