Saturday, 26 July 2008

Birthday blog candy

Hi Everyone,

My blog candy post to add the comment a few posts down...I cannot seem to make it stay at the just scroll down the page to see the entry....leave a comment and good luck
I will be drawing on Monday...then I will post a pic of the prize...thanks


Karin said...

Hi Janette,

if you go to your post and edit it you see on the bottom (left corner) something like message options. (sorry my blog is in Dutch). If you click this you should be able to give it the dat you want. Than it stays on top.

xoxo Karin

Mada_ro said...

Hello Janette,

This is my first visit to your blog, I found you through Karin's blog.

Karin is right, if you go and edit your post and then click on "Post Options" you can change the date of your post and use a day/date that's later than when your blog candy ends - like August 1st. Then your post will stay on top because it's the "newest" :)

Your cards are great, they all look so elegant and delicate.

Thank you for offering a blog candy and I like the idea of it being a total surprise.

Hugs from Romania,