Monday, 7 July 2008

Prima Flower Storage

This is how I store my prima and other similar type flowers.

I use the plastic storage 50p boxes at the back and then the A5 box opened at the front.

I can see as soon as I open the drawer and it makes it easier to choose which flower to use.
However despite ALL the flowers I have I never seem to have one in *just* the right colour....know what I mean ????????
Bye for now


Alex said...

That is so pretty I would be tempted to sit and stare in my drawer all day!!!

Jennifer Hodge said...

Your storage is great! thanks for sharing, I think that I may need to try to store them this way! I love it!

happystamper said...

Awesome idea Janette - I might have to put the boys to work and have them sort mine out for me. Hoping to hit an IKEA this summer and come up with some cute storate that could work also! Thanks for sharing!! Judi

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

Wow what a lot of flowers, How did you get so many?

SBS #20

Tessa said...

good idea! To get the "perfect color" you could try coloring or inking white silk flowers!

Janette said...

Jacqueline.....hmnmm how did I get so many....good question....I never had one in just the right colour or shape I kept buying more !!
They looked SO pretty in their jars and seemed to say *buy me ! buy me !*

Chrissie said...

Janette, I'm coming to your house!! I can't believe how many flowers you have, I'm sooooo jealous!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Wow - that is so nice and tidy - wish mine looked like that!