Thursday, 20 September 2007

Calender Pages

Well the addicted ladies met again yesterday, change of day we usually meet on a Thursday !!
We mostly make cards, what we do is each come up with a design for a card and make it prior to Thursday, bring all the bits along for the others to re-create the same card.So we get to make 4 cards each time we meet.
Of course I very very rarely used the cards we made, I kept them to look at (seem familiar) so they mounted up over the few years we have been making them !!!
Whilst sorting my room out (earlier in blog) I collated them all together and put all the xmas ones in a box (BIG BOX)....I had over 130 (shock horror) !!!!!! so I decided this year that as I have pics of all of the cards made anyway (thanks sharon) that I would use them
I WILL make xmas cards for *special* people and family but at least I dont have the daunting task of making loads ....I send about 120 each year.....PHEW.... another job I can cross off my list...LOL
Great way of sharing ideas...we do have fun...

So moving the title......CALENDERS

A few years ago with a Yahoo group I belonged to we made a calender.
12 people sign up and you are allocated a page to design for a have to make 12 of those pages ( quite a commitment ) but hey you get a whole calender hand stamped by some awesome people to hang in your carft room.

The first 2 I joined were A4 size bound at the top, over the years they got smaller.....!!
I will show some pics soon...

Well I persuaded the addicted ladies they we should as a group make a calender, there were 5 of us to start....(hello Tracey) there are 4

We started with 2 x A5 sheets for our calenders bound in the middle (again thanks Sharon) but clipped at the top to hang....BUT this year we are making 2008 calender we are trying the whole calender as an A5 sheet which will be bound and hang at the top ...Pic to follow

As there are 4 of us we each have 3 months of pages to design, for the 2008 calender I have June,September and December.
So although I will design those pages, when we meet the girls will each make their own page !! so it does allow for a little poetic license if they choose to alter something or colour it differently or alter the position of things !!
We each choose when we will slot a calender page into our Thursday mornings as long as they are all made ready for Sharon to bind in December so that we can start using in January.

So yesterday was December's turn and having asked permission of the others to share these pics I will later tune in again to see what I have been rabbitting on about for the last 10 mins hee hee.....
Until then
Blog on...

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Christine said...

looking forward to seeing the piccies of what you've done
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