Friday, 7 September 2007

Missing in blogland !!! LOL

Have not had a chance to post these last few days with working, also worrying about dental operation that I had today.
I was nervous but all went well. I felt groggy when I came round and sick and very very hungry !!! and having just *woke up* all I wanted to do was sleep LOL
Well I missed most of the lovely weather today.
I cannot have hot drinks or hot food today.
Tomorrow I have to have warm salt water rinses....YUCK.....

I feel like I have been kicked by a horse but I can take painkillers.
I had to laugh at the consent said I was to expect PAIN, Bruising,Swelling and Bleeding yeah right and I CONSENTED to this....gotta laugh.....wish I could but it hurts to speak too much so Tony is getting a rest.....hee hee

All for now
Until then...
Blog on...

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Kitty Frampton said...

Hi Hun,

Hope you feel a bit better soon and are back to your usual crafty self :)

Keep the creations coming :)

K xx