Saturday, 30 January 2010

SU Extravaganza !!

WOWEE.....what a day we had at Jenny and Jo's first SU extravaganza....and I hope its not their last. It was A-MA-ZING......
We registered and got a lovely pack with name peg, pen and notepad and ruler all had DSP on....we went to out tables that had name places and a covered tissue box and a bottle of water in a holder with a mini choccie in a pocket and again a name tag.Also on each table was a holder filled with sweets and mini chocs for us to pick on as we crafted !!
We made 3 projects, 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.
Lunch was provided all in a white lunch bag that had been decorated with DSP and butterfly punches fitting in with the rest of the themes.......they had out names on them too !!
They did 2 prize patrol raffles with prizes for each table which was lovely.
They also did a main raffle......sadly I didnt win any of the prizes BUT for the project in the afternoon they had a box on each table but no stamp set and then from a hidden box.....they pulled out a load of bags with the stamp set needed to complete the project for EVERY person there !!!! How cool is was like our own mini SU convention......
There were fabulous cards and bags and boxes and alsorts of other things on display.
Jenny and Jo's mum helped and sorted out the lunch for everyone and kept us in tea and coffee and cakes....what more can a crafter ask for !!
It was a truly FABULOUS day......and I cant wait for the next one !!!!
Thanks Jenny and Jo and Sue and Shirley......
I took lots of photos so I will try and upload those tomorrow....
Janette x

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Jo said...

Oh Janette how bad of me not to have stopped by sooner....sooo pleased you had a great time and we can't wait for the next one either! lol

Your thank you card to us was gorgeous and I STILL have it pride of place on my kitchen window sill, so I see everyday. Thank you. x

Roll on May 29th eh?!?!?

Love & hugs,