Thursday, 1 January 2009

In the PINK !!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Happy New Year to you all.......I came home from work today to a lovely pink and white room with a SILVER radiator....LOVE IT......
Its a colour with a number, I had it matched to a flower in the border I fell in love with :)
Have you noticed the lack of wallpaper and borders and indeed curtain pelmets...I had a real hard job finding what I wanted.....still I got there
I will show more pics of the border when done and the radiator when there is room in there hee hee, then I have the job of trying to put back ONLY what I want or need...then who knows what I will do with ALL the rest of the stuff hee hee
Until then.....
Janette x

1 comment:

Daisychain said...

Love the colour, can't wait to see the finished room. See you Monday.

Christine K