Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wall ready for the bookcase

This is the wall before the bookcases were added.....I ummed and ahhhed about which to have and went to a few friends to measure theirs...I wanted to be sure I got what I need for now and later on as I added to my collection.
I bought 2 bookcases, Tony built one as was and the other we cut up to fit the space as you will see from the following pics.
Its brilliant I love it...A place for everything and everything has a place....
Bye for now


Phree said...

Oh my I just caught up with all the progress on your craft room - it looks amazing. Love the ideas you had for storing your punches and your nesties!

Steph said...

When your room is finished - can I move in? I'm very well house trained lol This is the kind of room I would love - all custom made & fully stocked!! Wowzer you have some stuff!! x