Sunday, 18 January 2009

Under worktop pics

These are the pics of the units under my worktop and the desk to the right....
I had bought these units years ago in Staples when if you bought a 6 drawer unit you got a 3 drawer one free...I bought loads !!!.
I broke them all apart and over the years they have been in many conformations !! the latest was 3 tall units of 20 drawers...very tall indeed.
I had kept the lids from all the units and they had a usefulness as a jewellery tray when I was making jewellery bits....anyhow I needed to put them all back as smaller units, could I find the lids ???? could I not.....well hours of looking later I found them in the garage on top of a cupboard hidden behind the pelmet...PHEW....I made and fitted in 8 units...5 lots of 8 drawers and 3 lots of 6 drawers perfect I love it when a plan comes I have to sort these drawers once and for all.....and I had 2 drawers left over....
Bye for now
Janette x

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