Monday, 10 March 2008

Leo *guarding* the beef yesterday !!

This was how I found leo yesterday, I had just cooked the beef joint and Tony had carved it and leo was watching it intently.
We think he was *willing* it to jump off and land in his belly LOL
He is SO funny, if there is meat or fish in the fridge and the door is open he will sit and *guard* it just by staring at it....too funny
Apart from the christmas when he was only 4 months old and he STOLE a whole turky drumstick from the fridge, ran round and round the front room whilst we tried to catch him, then he tried to escape through the dog door you can see behind him and he got stuck but he wasnt letting go of that drumstick for no-one....growling and such like, it was just so funny to see....
He gives us SO much pleasure and is so loveable, loves to give and receive cuddles :)
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Janette x

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