Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easter Carrot gifts

I made these today for my 3 bestest craft buddies.....all of a sudden easter is upon us and we have all had really busy year so far for various reasons ....and time has run away with us all....BUT I bought new easter stamps LAST YEAR that I never got to use so I was determined to use them this year.....then Monday the girls said shall we leave it this year as we were running out of time they said yes I said no LOL......I have loads of craft stuff and it seems a shame to miss out on an opportunity to make easter cards as it is only once a I set too and got them made and it only took me an hour to do all 3 gifts AND are having them regardless.....hee hee
That way I have so far kept up my new years resolution to make cards for every occasion that far I have done New Year...Valentines...and now easter..!!!
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Janette x

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