Saturday, 1 March 2008

Stamping Party

Hi Everyone,

Went to a Stampin Up party last night with the addicted ladies...we went to see an old friend that used to be addicted too....Hi Tracey....she moved away but wanted a party so Jenny drove us up there to do the party.

We had a great time....LOADS and I mean LOADS of cards on display and Jenny showed how to so slider cards and Z cards and tying knots and tricks with punches etc was brilliant :)

Everyone had a great time, spent loads of money and it was great to see an old friend again...we are trying to persuade her to come to Poole to play with us for a day so TRACEY if you are reading this.......please come to see us soon ok

Thanks Jenny for the freebie instructions of the cards and that SO SO cute little box...must make one soon.
We didnt get home until 1am so its an early night for me...I have done ALL my chores today with help from Tony and Simon so I have NOTHING to do tomorrow so I am going to spend the day in my craft room.........

I have finished off making 20 YES thats right TWENTY mother's day cards.
The babies on the unit where I work give them to their mummies...I have been doing this now for over 8 years and do it for mother's day, easter, fathers day and christmas...I must be mad BUT the families really do appreciate them so I will carry on......

Thanks for stopping by...
Janette x

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