Sunday, 10 August 2008

Merry Christmas !!

Woo hoo I got time to play today so I managed to put 10 together, so now I have 30 cards made only another 80 to go !!
Hope you like them
Bye for now
Janette x


Anne E said...

Lovely cards. What size are they?

Sue said...

these are so darn are really a head of the game girlie! Good for you...I will be posting some cards this week too that are sure to check them grandsons first birthday card.
I don't usually make Christmas cards because I get busy baking and wood working...but if I took your lead and started now...hmmm maybe!

Sue said...

Wow wtg the cxards so far look great. I haven`t even started my xmas cards yet!
The shelving unit fits in nicely :)

Can`t wait for the next pic! :):)

Lavender Rose said...

These are all wonderful cards, you made a great job of them and you are so organised too, well done :)

Denise x (SBS20)

NATALIE said...

cute cards theyre really dinky and sweet =)

Mary said...

Hey what super cards - love them all BUT if one of them is mine I like the chocolate chip one and the red one top right hand side best. Well done Janette. Let me know what size they are as well please.
Mary xxx

Anesha said...

wonderful cards, they are really cute. Love the colours you used.

Jodi said...

These are great! I love having my Christmas cards done early, it really makes a big difference.

Mikaela said...

WOW ... I can't believe how organised you are. You really are putting me to shame. Guess I should be thinking of starting some myself. They are looking great!! Hugs xx