Monday, 4 August 2008

OMG.....I have no car...LOL....!!!

Hi Everyone,

Simon my son ( 17 ) has just today passed his driving test...first time :)
He is so chuffed, so am I....but now for the time being I have no car :(

He pinched it as soon as he got back and went to Tesco to do the shopping for me !!!

I am so nervous...I just wish he would come home LOL.....

Oh well thats another milestone passed....

I have my dad staying for a while, which is very weird without mum :(
I have been a touch upset over many things...the last few days....hopefully
I will pull myself together soon and get back into card making
Bye for now
Janette x


Sue said...

Simon, WELL DONE on gaining your freedom !!

Janette......sorry to hear you have been a little low. Sometimes we need to have the not so good times to make us realise just how lucky we really are. Hope you get back on the `up` soon

Hugs Sue

Sue said...

Janette, I remember those days when my children began driving, a bit nervous but also a happy feeling of freedom and the thought that my own little child could now be my personal slave...oh naughty I know, but oh so true!
Sending you hugs to get through these life have friends around the world.

Jenny, said...

Well done to Simon, you'll be sending him to do the shopping all the time soon, lol.
Big hugs go out to you, hope your feeling ok soon. xxxxxx

Mary said...

Well done Simon. By the way how long did he stay out for and more important did he bring himself and the car back in one piece. LOL
Sorry to hear you've been down.
Mary xx