Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Tonight's Homework

Hi Everyone,

OK I have started my christmas cards :))
This is tonight's homework....penguins,reindeer and snowmen....colouring
Check back tomorrow to see the next stage in the project.....
Bye for now


Mada said...

Wow Janette! This is an excellent idea, stamping all, then colouring all and so on. One step at a time.
I am always doing one card at a time but I really should start learning from you, wise and organized people.

I love the reindeers and am looking forward to seeing them in colour. :)

Mary said...

My aren't we good. I wish I could be as focused as you. Trouble is my husband will keep asking to go out every day. Will look again to see what you are up to tomorrow.
Mary xx

Denise Clark said...

How are the cards coming along? Penguins are really popular right now. I just love those images!