Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Dry embossing by HAND !!

This card I found to take to craft club we had to make a dry embossed card...well I already had this one done....BUT in the end I didnt go to club !!

So I thought I would share here anyways.
The daisy heads on front and the insert paper were from a CD from Carols studio
she does fantastic designs....
Click on the photos to see more clearly, the stencil used was a Marianne design.....I dont think I could do all that embossing again...LOL....I may have to sell all those brass stencils I have....EBay here I come
Thanks for stopping by
Janette x

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Sue Kment said...

try your stencils in your big shot...they work great! just use the rubber matting and play around with shims!