Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Leo before and after his hand strip

What do you think ???
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Janette x


Maria said...

Hi Janette
Doesn't Leo look extremely smart with his new short hair look.
My Mums friend has two borders and she strips hers but my Mum leaves her two boys with their long coats as she likes the scruffy look.
I personally like them with the stripped look but I just think they are cute little dogs....long or short coated.

Stamping Moments said...

What a smart young man! Sid has a long way to go yet doesn't he - Auntie Janette!

Nicola said...

He looks much better for his haircut.

I am originally a Cardiff girl, born and raised. We used to go to Newport all the time. They had the coolest clock in the center of town. I loved watching the different stuff it did. I still have a picture of it somewhere.

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