Monday, 20 August 2007

Miserable Monday !!

Hi Everyone,
Wet and windy here :(
Went to get eyes tested and parted with £300+ for Tony's new glasses.

I found some lovely frames so when my test is due thats what I'll be having if I need new ones :)

Bought Tony's suit for his daughter Laura's wedding, lovley charcoal pinstripe one with a paisley tie....he looks very smart and his new glasses are charcoal frames too..!!

Thanks for the comments for the challenge card, I have decided that I am going to do them each week and step out of my comfort zone and use goodies that I have had for ages to complete the challenge., keep checking Beate does them on a Friday !!!
Also SCS have lots of challenges going on......great now that my room is sorted and I know where my stuff is I am going to try new techniques and such and generally have lots of *ME* time once Simon goes back to 6th form next month.

His GCSE results are out on Thursday (biting nails here ) well me I am not him....he says
if I dont go to the school then they post them to you !!! He's not bothered by the results being imminent which considering he was ill through them all is surprising but he has a place at 6th form regardless and in his words "I can always re-sit them to get better grades"....oh well...!!
The youth of today eh.....
Until then
Blog on...

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Mary said...

Hi janette

Good luck all round for Simon's Exam results. I know he was really poorly whilst doing them but I'm sure he did well. He certainly deserves it as he put so much work into it.

I will be looking at Beate's challenge this week and will attempt it. Will show you if it turns out OK, if not will bin it.

hugs Mary x