Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Warmer wednesday !!!

Hi All,
Sad news the digi camera is broken.....well it still takes piccies but there is no sound for the shutter or video playback so it needs to be looked at as its only 5 months old.
So its gone back to manufacturer :( so no pics on blog for now.....UNLESS......I can work out to use my NEW PINK has a 3.2 million pixel camera and software to upload the pics.....will have to read the manual LOL.....

BUT for now I am off to castlepoint shopping center to look for a dress for Laura's wedding.
My darling other half has said he will treat me to a new dress isnt he a him to bits !!!

Will sign off now just been chatting to Jenny ( stamping moments ) for about 30 mins AND I will be seeing her and the other Addicted Ladies tonight...cant them all as well :)
Until then...
Blog on...


SHAZGOO said...

Hi Janette
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the goodies you gave me. I will endeavour to start sorting my ribbon out - It's just going to be a mammoth task.
Do you realise we are spending nearly more time chatting than crafting at moment. Can't wait for kids to get back to school and our "Girls Thursdays". What could be better - Friends, Chat & Crafting. Love you ALL.
Huge Hugs Sharon

Paula Pascual said...

Hi Janette
You have great ideas so I have put a link to your blog from Crafty Storage. Thanks for commenting