Friday, 10 August 2007


Well ok you checked back to see the finished it is....

Hope you like it ???

I have looked at SO SO many ink pad storage items, loads in USA and none

here in the UK that would do what I wanted so I thought

*Blow it* I'll make my own, how hard could it be !!!!


Stamping Moments said...

Hi Janette,

Wow, the ink storage look good xx

Where are you going to put it?

jenny xx

Mary said...

Hi Janette

Excellent work on your part. Ummmmmmm where are I going to put mine?? Please let me have all the measurement as you have gone to so much trouble to work it out (no point just using it once is it?) Looking around my room, you know I haven't got much space left, I have decided where it can go and when my SU inkpads come I will have somewhere to put them.

Mary x