Thursday, 16 August 2007

My addiction satisfied

Well just got back from meeting with *The Addicted Ladies*...what a blast we had. I gave all the girls a card each in honour of getting back together 'cos I missed them !! Will post what I made tomorrow...

We nattered and chattered and showed and shared got caught up with what we had been doing since we last met and laughed and laughed some more. We made some lovely double slider cards, Jennys has pics on her to the left....or SCS has a tutorial for also to the left.

We rummaged through Jenny's drawers and had a look at how she stores her treasures. Came up with some new ideas for storing things between us guess what I'll be doing soon like tomorrow !!!......sorting my 12 x 12 papers....hee hee

Its my last days holiday tomorrow :( I have been lucky and had 24 days off from work, then back to 12 1/2 hr long day shifts.

Well off to bed for me....
Until then
Blog on...

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